Internal logistics

Many companies execute intra logistics themselves, which often leads to higher cost structures. The costs of the availability of personnel, the investments in the warehouse or in the machinery, as well as that of the inventory and changes in the inventory cannot always be planned by a production plant. We take over all these from you, so that you can benefit from our expertise and know-how!

The best for you is: we take over the potential risks too, since we provide you with personnel and equipment, we carry out the necessary investments and we take the responsibility for the better results!

  • Warehouse handling (providing personnel and machinery)
  • Warehouse management (inventory control and responsibility for it),
  • Planning, optimization and execution of processes
  • Handling of ad-hoc requests and orders

Special services

Next to the developments of the core competencies of a production plant, there is often not enough time and no proper experts are available to manage the logistic processes. The colleagues of Saubermacher-FOCUSON Logistics provide you with the background knowledge and know-how that help you to maintain efficient intralogistics at favorable price level.

Enjoy the advantages within our individual and consulting services, which can only be offered by a professional service provider :

  • Handling of professional tenders,
  • Status-check and analysis of data,
  • Elaboration of projects,
  • Best Practice Transfer

Waste handling

The Saubermacher group has been an important player since decades in the waste handling market in Central Europe. Through its dynamic development it has over 30 branches in 4 countries, and offers environmental friendly services. As part of this, coordinates Saubermacher-Magyarország Kft., founded in 1991, the activities of the members of the group dealing with waste handling in Hungary, which covers most regions of the country and offers a wide range of services.

  • providing with personal and equipment
  • special solutions of waste-handling
  • handling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste of all kind
  • full waste handling with involvement of our partner company
3PL Solutions – Outsourcing
Full outsourcing of logistics activities.
Status-check and analysis of data.
Survey of quantities and product mix Checking of transport companies, processes in the warehouse and bottleneck. Net areas and plans for warehouse.
Analysis of data, definition of hand-over points, definition of internal material handling routes and equipment. Final plan for the stream of the materials, and the volumes.
Elaboration of projects
Full project planning. Elaboration of the logistic concept, planning and selection of personnel. Selection and purchase of the equipment park. Cost planning.
Submission of an offer
Elaborated concept and project-plan. Exact definition of the hand-over points and the operational areas. Definition of the scope of the services. Timing. Draft of contracts.
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