About us:

The Saubermacher-FOCUSON Logistics Kft. was established in 2005 by two Austrian companies, Saubermacher Outsourcing GmbH. and FOCUSON Logistics, in order to take the lasts of the (side) activities of its partners, so that they can focus on their main profile.

Results, 2017:

  • Turnover of HUF 2 billions
  • 400 employees

Our Mission:

Conscious and effective logistics for measurable better results of our partners.


We, at Saubermacher-FOCUSON Logistics Kft. work hard so that our know-how serves the results of our customers. We are convinced, that the cooperation, the creation of synergies result in more added value for all interested parties. The colleagues of Saubermacher-FOCUSON Logistics Kft. make sure the background knowledge and the know-how, which enable you to maintain effective internal logistic processes at favorable cost level.


  1. Added value approach
  2. Quality-consciousness through continuous improvement
  3. Integrity and Transparency
  4. Mutual respect


Quality assurance, Certificates:

We have following Certificates:

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO OHSAS 28001, Bisnode AAA

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