Internal logistic services

Warehouse management

  • Providing and development of the warehouse personal.
  • Creation and continuous development of the strategy and processes of the internal material handling routes (CIP/KVP).
  • Recording and handling of inventory (own WMS)
  • Providing with warehouse equipment (scaffolding, forklifts).
  • Managing the forklifts and other transportation equipment and aligning them to the needs of the customer.
  • Operation of productive and non-productive warehouses; performing dispositional and purchasing functions.
  • Inventory control (if needed, also with taking over the responsibility for the inventory)
  • Execution of  the processes of the reception of the materials (control of quality and volume), as well as their shipping,
  • Operation of external warehouses with regular circle lines,
  • Recording and handling (cleaning) of packaging materials, keeping contact to the suppliers,


As integrated service provider, we align the full 3PL process with the management system you use. Based on logistic and business assessments, we build the investments and service levels you need into the services, right at the beginning, based on our pre-defined agreement with you. This way we ensure the possibility of continuous improvement. Our business relationships, as well as the discounts of our purchases (e.g. flexibly adjustable forklift fleet) are available for you as well, and this enables the decrease of your current costs.

  • Moving of materials within the plant (forklifts, trailers, manual material handling).
  • Logistics in the production: Supply of the production with materials via Pull-Signs or production plans.
  • Operation of JIS, Kitting, Minomi, and Kan-Ban Systems.
  • Operation and service of supermarkets in the production, interim production puffers, Execution of picking and commissioning.

Support functions

Full service logistics. You have not only the material supply as such to perform, that is why we support you in all processes within the plant which are linked to the logistics: handling of the warehouse and the shipments, including the deliveries in time-windows, as well as handling of hazardous goods up to the handling of the warehouse, including the follow-up of your KPI’s and the quality control. When working with us, you receive everything from one hand: from the full package till the flexible and individual services.

Our services together with best practices based on the tailor-made solutions according to your requirements – all this is the receipt of successful logistics within a plant.

  • Packaging,
  • Re-packing and inventory measurement
  • Ad-hoc movements and migration within the plant.
  • Post, delivery of packs within the plant
  • Tasks to the preparation of the production, as well as tasks supporting the production.
  • Handling of materials, which are under development, and locked materials.
  • Handling of ad-hoc requirements and orders.
Individual services

Professional tenders

We help you with consultation in optimizing the value-chain: with our experiences, flexibility, efficiency and (digital) innovation.

Enjoy all advantages which can only be provided by a professional service provider through our individual an consulting services:

  • Status-check and analysis of data
  • Execution of professional tenders (purchase of forklifts or tenders for equipment to warehousing);
  • Working out of projects (operation of warehouse or logistics);
  • Planning, optimization and execution of logistic processes.

We have learnt, that wise men learn from the mistakes of others. With our Best Practice Transfer Method we help you to satisfactorily eliminate the errors in your logistic processes, and also to solve the claims connected to them.

Process planning

In the industry it is a continuous challenge that we execute the handling of the materials, the semi-finished and the finished goods, the consumer goods and the parts on the proper place and at the right time. And all that is at the best economic way! Through professional logistics within the plant the low cost of warehousing and the high level of service can be reached. Our more than 16 years’ experience in the field of logistics are the proofs of our competency and flexibility.

Opposite to other third party logistics (3PL) companies we can provide you with an individual combination of outsourcing logistic, training, and practical consultation. Through our cooperation an increased overview of the inventory and the logistic control can be reached, while the lead-time of the processes and the operational costs will be decreased.

  • Creation of working directions and time measurements for the whole logistic chain – interim logistics engineering;
  • Best Practice Transfer – Sharing the Best Practices known and used by us.

Interim solutions

Interim logistic engineering services

Many companies do not need own process engineering, but at a certain point in time also such companies will have to have it, when the demand for process development and for the increase of the efficiency is there.

Our interim engineers are at your disposal, whether it is about creation of pull-systems, Kan-Ban, Minomi-strategies or even about a complete company development. The creation of working directions and time-measurements give new dynamism to the wobbling material flows, we create potential to measurable savings. This will not only be seen in the logistic and financial processes, but will be immediately of help in the production, too!

Measuring the bottlenecks and the non-productive processes identified during the status-check and the analysis, planning of new processes, their standardization mean real cost advantage for our partners.



  • Company survey based on logistic and lean assessments.
  • Screening and optimization of processes. Definition of losses linked to logistics.
  • Workshop of value-stream chart for the complete value-stream. Braking down of action plans based on the company plans and on the future value-stream.
  • Connections between the VOC (Voice of the customer) and the production planning, creation of rules for the production planning, production plans and their follow-up with root cause and niche-analysis.
  • Creation and implementation of standards, writing of working instructions and execution of marshalling tasks.
  • Examination of customer complaints, auditing of 8D-processes. Strategies for the problem solving.
  • Screening and re-designing of the warehouse areas in order to create optimal storage capacity. Handling of “right-size-box” and empties.
  • Screening of the machinery, risk analysis by surveying the production areas and the routes of the material flows, fleet management.